The U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania

The American Chamber of Commerce (ACC, AmCham) in Vilnius, Lithuania was established in 1993 by a small group of early investors.

A member of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC and of the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce, it is a voluntary, apolitical, non-profit association of American and non-American companies, organizations, and individuals.

Founded by a small group of American companies and individuals, the Chamber now has close to 100 members.


To promote and protect AmCham members' business interests in Lithuania and the EU and to bridge opportunities for both Lithuanian and American businesses.

AmCham membership includes many prominent members of the business community and comprises the broadest possible spectrum of business enterprises.

Association helps them to identify and address common issues, includes members into information, activity and communication network, develops business-to-business programs, and provides other services to its members.

AmCham Lithuania is affiliated to

the US Chamber of Commerce:

and AmChams in Europe: