Baltic Way 34 th Anniversary Commemoration
Sunday – August 3rth., 2023
Elizabeth Park
1561 Asylum Ave., West Hartford
12:00 – 1:30 p.m.

The Baltic Way was a peaceful political demonstration, which took
place on 23 August in 1989, when approximately two million people joined
their hands forming a 600 km long human chain through the Baltic
countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, thus demonstrating their unity
in their efforts towards freedom.

32 years ago, on August 23, 1991, in Elizabeth Park,
the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian Alliance of Connecticut (E.L.L.A.)
planted a weeping cherry tree next to the pond, which was named
the "Freedom Tree" and also placed a commemorative stone
monument there dedicated to Baltic Independence.


Opening of the event – the Music from Baltics.
Coordinator of the Music – Ruth Petkaitis

 Bradley Woodworth – Director of Baltic Studies, Yale University,
The significance of Baltic Way
Representatives from Three Baltic States –
 Estonia – Laine Kõiva- Kingo
 Latvia – Valdis Vinkels
 Lithuania – Paulius Nenortas

Introduction of Ukrainians:
 Speaker – Dr. Leo Walensky

Singing of popular songs from Baltics
Placing Flowers on the stone - next to Pond Café

Final song – Bunda jau Baltija LYRICS TO “THE BALTICS ARE AWAKENING” will be provided.
(English translation also available) "Atmostas Baltija/Bunda jau Baltija/Argake Baltimaad"

We suport Ukraine and invite all Ukrainians
to come for this Event
and join for lithuanian style lunch and dessert

Vendors presenting homemade foods, honey, straw art, ceramics
and other beautiful handmade crafts.

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